Which Property Is Best For You?

There are three types of properties that investors can choose from A, B, & C. Each type has their own strengths and should be considered when evaluating what your investment goals are. If you need help deciding or want to view a full portfolio please contact us. We will help you every step of the way!

Third Axis Investments, turnkey properties, provide an alternative for investors that do not have the time or ability to physically renovate or maintain a real estate investment. These turnkey properties provide our investors with an option to diversify their investment properties without encountering the day-to-day hassles of being a landlord. By purchasing a positive cash flowing turnkey investment property, an investor is able to manage the property from the comfort of their own home!

A Class Properties

  • A class properties are $140k+ properties that are in more affluent neighborhoods

  • The real strength of A class properties is the proven stability and generally the best appreciation (Passive Returns)

  • Typically will not have as large of an ROI, or immediate return from rent (Active Returns) because of higher purchasing price.They are rock solid investments for the long term investors.
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Third Axis Investments has learned that turnkey real estate investing has become a great way for people to invest in real estate when they live in an area that is not conducive to cash flow properties. If you live in areas where the market is too high and is impossible to buy a house cheap enough for cash flow, turnkey investing is a viable option.

B Class Properties

  • B class property is priced between $70k-$140k and is considered the best all around investment

  • These are typically "blue collar",  with 1 or 2 working adults, and in stable neighborhoods. This class of investment has great ROI or (Active Returns) from rent immediately, and an excellent appreciation (Passive Returns).

  • They are good short term and long term Investments

In addition, buying a turnkey investment property allows a long-distance investor to participate in a ready-made cash flow investment, hopefully with minimal to no work.

C Class Properties

  • C Class properties are priced at or below $70k. These units are "cash cows". This is property that will typically have tenants who are on some sort of government assistance, or have only one working adult.

  • They have an extremely low purchase price, incredible ROI, and high returns from rent that can reach upwards of 20%+

  • There is appreciation, but it will typically not approach the A and B Class property value. This class is for the investor that is only concerned with high rates of return from rent (Active Returns).

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